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About Me

Hi, I´m Tahnee

I am an Aussie world traveler / beginner freelance writer or as my best friend likes to call me the Happy Hippy Gypsy Ginger Ninja.( I know it´s a mouthful)  I have been traveling on and off since December 2010 and can’t see myself stopping anytime soon, it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Here I will be providing past, present and future ideas, stories and personal experiences so stay tuned and enjoy!!!


Why the Blog

I’ve never done this kind of thing before, I’ve traveled to over 27 countries in this beautiful world in a total of 4 years, I have volunteered in over 20 of them, spent longer than 4 months living in at least 6 of them in all different parts of the globe.. I have made my mark, left my footprints in all corners of this place we call home,  met so many people …. and yes have so many stories to tell. However I’m not sure how to put pen to paper or finger to button so to speak!!!  Its funny because for years my friends and family members were like “you should write a book” , “write a blog” or as my nanna would say “keep a diary”, and i did for a while, but you cant carry that many books along with you so i would send books home and  then after a while i eventually stopped writing which I do regret, all those experiences only kept in the  memory vault. I’ve always wanted to write a blog just didn’t know how, All the stories and experiences i do have all blend into one and things happen so quickly you cant even believe they happened, let alone have someone else believe them and sometimes my brain is running faster then my fingers can type….. but i will slow it down and try my very best.

Walking around in Lima, Peru
Exploring Cusco, Peru
Watching the Sunset Salinas, Ecuador
Chillin in Banos, Ecuador

Travel Experiences

The tips, Tricks and Treats I will share with you are all of my personal experiences since i started travelling since 2010. I have definitely grown spiritually, emotionally and physically. My mind body and soul has developed beyond all my expectations, things I never new could be possible dance in front of my face. I have overcome strengths and weaknesses and at every closed door a new one reopened for me to explore. Since I began my travels nearly 7 years ago I still remember the feelings you would get deep down in my stomach.. you know the butterflies the feeling of “OH MY GOSH WHERE AM I”!!! I cant believe I’m actually here. I still have these even till this day, I believe you could travel around the world 10 times and still rediscover yourself on every turn. It is such a magically and wonderful place, That should be shared with all who are open to it.

Admiring the Sunset Isla Mujeres Mexico
Visiting the ruins Tulum, Mexico
Getting filmed Cartagena, Colombia
Halloween Party Bogota, Colombia

A little bit about ME

I grew up in Airlie beach and the Whitsundays the heart of the great Barrier Reef on the east coast of Australia, one of the seven wonders of the world. I remember seeing all the backpackers from all over the world visit my town, sometimes it seemed there were more tourists than locals. When I was growing up I remember a lot of Japanese tourists especially, at this time I was learning Japanese at school and just got a sense of knowledge of a place that was so different from mine. Different food, the people, even the language being so different.. I had such curiosity on the culture difference, it amazed me so…. I was never the best student at school always getting distracted easy and never satisfied sitting in a room between four walls. The subjects I did like were drama, tourism, art , Japanese, sports etc. I grew up not really getting much out of school. I did my certificate in aged care when i left school and did get the rewarded in helping others for many years and is till do, I just felt i was still missing my full potential. So I began my travels in December 2010. Since this time I’ve traveled to Thailand, India, Nepal, China, Greece, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Czech republic, Austria, France, Slovakia, USA, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, England, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, Belize and Mexico. In my 27 years of life travelling around the world has taught me more than any classroom in any school could ever, it has taught me valuable lessons in life that no teacher or professor could. I have a different mindset to most because a lot of people can’t believe what or how I’m able to do what I do. The way I see it you are your own worst enemy. You can only do what you believe is possible. If you cannot dream it how can it become real. You must work hard and visualize your reality it will manifest around you.. all you have to do is believe.

Kayaking on the laguna Bacalar, Mexico
Snorkeling trip Tulum Mexico
Off Roading in Golf Buggies on Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Moped ride in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

What I’m Up To

Currently I’m living in Cancun Mexico, I fell in love with my beau Jorge and for the past year we put our dreams on hold to discover what is to become of our journey together…. we have been doing amazingly but recently I lost my job and I’m at a stand still in my life, not sure what to do we have plans to go to Australia in the next few months so he can meet my family but we have to apply for all the visa requirements, insurances, passports etc all the planning and preparing stuff no big deal… but we are short for cash, he is the only one working and I dont exactly have proper working documentation……. So here I am…. taking the next step towards travel writing.  Never done this type of thing before…. Lets hope you guys like what I have to say……. Please keep in mind all the information I will be providing will be based solely on my personal experiences through these countries.

Welcome to the world of Wanderlust

Sunset in Punta Allen, Mexico
Chillin on the beach in Cancun, Mexico
Met Hamish from Hamish and Andy in Paris, France
Visiting the Eiffel Tower Paris, France