Arriving to Mexico

I arrived in Mexico in October 2015 with only a couple hundred dollars left in my pocket and With the images of home in the back of my mind. At this point in my travels I had been away from Australia for about 15 months. I had no intentions on going back home however it seemed like the only option. I arrived in Mexico around my birthday so I thought what the hell blow it all, party and then call my parents and ask for a plane ticket home. (It’s funny what the universe has in store)

The World Works in Mysterious Ways

At the hostel, I was staying at I met other travelers who were working for commissions. So I thought why not give it a go. Cash in hand, no visa required and the only requirement was English as my first language. Now I am not here to promote illegal work as mentioned in previous blogs there are  a lot of options to help your travels last longer. For me, it was something that kind of fell into my lap and at that point in my life it was the opportunity I was searching for.

Working at a call center had its ups and downs. If you have ever seen the movie ¨Wolf of Wall Street¨, It’s similar with a whole lot less drugs and sex. It’s a very hectic, crazy and fun environment to say the least however it paid the bills. The company even supplied work visas, all you do is pay the fee and they file the paperwork.

A Place to call Home

Currently living in Cancun Mexico, I have been luckily enough to call this place home for over a year now. Very similar to where I grew up from its tropical weather, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters has made it very easy for me to settle in. Working at the call center opened many opportunities for me. I met my amazing boyfriend whom worked for the same company. I have lived happily and comfortably in Cancun for well over a year and who can complain about living in the Caribbean coast. Looking back, I realise just how lucky I am.

 A Little History

Mexico is home to the Mayan culture, known to be one of the original cultures remaining in the new world. Known for their spectacular art, impressive architecture and sophisticated mathematical and astronomical systems. Their Pyramids were built of stone and used as temples and royal tombs. Shrines where sacrifices made to the gods located at the top and burial chambers were hidden deep inside. There are hundreds of ruins scattered across the Yucatan.

The most famous of the pyramids are Chitchen Itza known today as one of the new found seven wonders of the world. Coba considered one of the few pyramids still accessible to climb with a spectacular view of the Mayan jungle. The Tulum pyramids are in fact the only pyramids in the world to sit alongside the ocean.

Believed to be one of the fastest developing civilizations of their time . The Mayans had refined their own Mayan calander still used today in some communities. Where the first recorded culture to perform open surgery and knowledge about anatomy and physiology, among other things. Mayans today, maintain and preserve distinctive traditions and beliefs, commonly practiced in well preserved towns throughout the country, these places have been recognized as magical towns.



What Makes a Town Magical

"Pueblo Mágicos" in Español, are usually small un-discovered towns that are known as cultural heritage sites.  Renowned for following old traditions and beliefes and have witnessed great events of their coutnries history. This is a program developed by the governement to offer tourism opportunites to promtote the nations jewels of culture, folklore and their countries value and it also recognizes the towns that have preserved their historical wealth.

Mexico has 36 official magic towns all around the country, they are situated close to or on a highway leading to top tourist destinations which make them easy to access however they are not allowed to have high rise buildings or be known for tourism. What is special about the magical towns is they still hold social, historical and cultural importance to society, Mexico is not only known for top tourist destinations like cancun or mexico city but if your a traveller that is interested in culture why not check out some special places. I have only been to a select number of Magical towns but they have definetly made an impression on me.



Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres translates to Island of Women: home of the fertility goddess Ixchel.


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The magical town of Laguna Bacalar shows off its  7 different shades of blue throughout the day which represent the 7 cenotes.

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Newest magical town: home of the Tulum ruins and access to Coba

amazing beaches and quaint little town.

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Not ¨Technically¨ Magical Towns but Magical to me!!!

Isla Holbox

Isolated Island in the northern point of mexico: popular for swimming with the whale sharks and all sorts of nature related activities.

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Punta Allen

Sian Kaan Nature reserve dedicated into preserving wildlife such as jaguars, iguanas, marine life, and untouched archaeological sites

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