(N): A Strong Desire or Urge to Wander or Travel and Explore the World


The Travel bug bit me at a very young age, as long as I can remember I have always had the urge and wonder to discover something different, something new. Travelling the world has opened many opportunities for me, allowing me step outside of my comfort zone and experience a whole new world I had no idea even existed. My dad had bought my first overseas trip to England when I was about thirteen, exploring the old cities, the architecture, history and culture difference amazed me and it is probably what began my curiosity for travel.

I am the youngest of five and have been an aunty since I was ten not to mention all my close friends all have had children at a very young age,  My cousin Vicki and I are the only two females left in our family to not have children, It´s not that I don´t like children it´s just that I grew up with it happening around me that it gave me the desire and craving to do  something different. I’ve never been one to follow the crowds and not a big believer in following society either, you know the whole go to school, get a job, get married, start a family, buy a house, pay off your bills and so on and so forth. NO THANKS!! I guess my biggest desires in life have been to experience a a different way of living and to discover in my own way who I am and who I want to be.

Some people would say I´m running away from reality and life when in fact I feel im running toward it and have found my calling. Travelling the world has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities and wonderful creations mother earth has provided us. The memories I have from all around the world are nothing more than the universe presenting me a gift of living! The experiences, lessons, friends and believes that I have accumulated are incredible and can never be replaced.

There are so many ways that allow people to travel the way that I have, for me it was volunteering all over the world. First, you must be open to idea that a total stranger will open their doors to you and secondly you need to be prepared that you are going to feel well out of your comfort zone which is not necessarily a bad thing. Now get ready to be a part of the largest worldwide community who bring people from all corners of the world together.

I have volunteered on self-sustainable communities, assisted with the care of all sorts of animals big and small, attended private childcare and cleaning work in people’s house, helped during festivals and in hostels I have assisted behind bars, receptions and did housekeeping jobs. Accomplishing things like this has made me want to give back to the community by creating my own self sustainable property where I live off the land, grow my own fruits and vegetables, care for my own animals, be ecofriendly, economical and be green! I also want to own my own hostel and promote volunteer work for travelers who want to help.

Leaving my mark around the globe is a sense of self pride and accomplishment, whether is something as big as a renovating someone’s house to a small as creating a vegetable garden knowing that you’ve helped others and created something with your own two hands is priceless.


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